Mother Goose

In my office at work, most people who sit near me look out of the huge windows and watch the always-heavy trafffic on I-90/Kennedy. Today though every one had taken an interest in a certain Mother Goose and her brand new goslings.

The Momma had chosen one of the planter boxes to have her babies. One of the babies ended up going over the edge and landing on the roof. So began the day’s drama.

We all watched as the prodigal gosling walked around and around the planter box. Momma Goose walked around and around inside the box seeming to search for and we imagined to call out for her missing baby.

Eventually, she jumped down and walked next to her baby. Then she would go back up to the others. And so it went. Over and over again. At various times throughout the day, people came and went to look over and check on Momma Goose and her goslings.

At one point, I was away from my desk and I heard a loud and collective gasp and headed back to find that there were now two goslings out of the box!

In the next hour, the remaining two dropped over the edge and made it to the family. When the last gosling made his several attempts, we all cheered him on and everyone was happy once the family was united.

It never ceases to amaze me the way that we bond with animals. Today, I witnessed a hodge podge of co-workers care and cheer for Mother Goose and her goslings. It felt a little spiritual to me. Like I was watching something divine.

Then I came home to find that another young life was taken in my hometown in Michigan and that a young, honor-roll student was shot and killed in Texas today and I thought about the mothers of those two.

Im sitting in the bed now, typing this, and wondering who is caring and cheering for those mothers.


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