Be Writing

I’ve been calling myself an aspiring writer for a little while now. I’m in graduate school for a writing program. I’ve joined writing groups. I’ve started and stopped writing several projects. I’ve participated in nanowrimo.

I recently came across a post that said “Don’t be a writer; be writing.” It made me think that I needed to stop aspiring and just write.

4 thoughts on “Be Writing

      1. I totally understand. After my 40 Days Until 40 Series, I lost my voice and it took me months to write again. I let fear creep in and silence me. Keep fighting the good fight Sis, and write.


      2. It is surely a fight! Thankfully, I’m in a writing program so at a minimum I’m writing for what’s due for the week. But I have to be more intentional in writing daily. It’s a struggle

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