Be Writing

I’ve been calling myself an aspiring writer for a little while now. I’m in graduate school for a writing program. I’ve joined writing groups. I’ve started and stopped writing several projects. I’ve participated in nanowrimo.

I recently came across a post that said “Don’t be a writer; be writing.” It made me think that I needed to stop aspiring and just write.

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experiencing many transitions in life - new husband, new house, new city, new baby. it can be overwhelming. i'm taking time to go back to basics. trying to figure it out myself. practicing that new time religion - self realization - finding, protecting, loving, perfecting me.

4 thoughts on “Be Writing

      1. I totally understand. After my 40 Days Until 40 Series, I lost my voice and it took me months to write again. I let fear creep in and silence me. Keep fighting the good fight Sis, and write.


      2. It is surely a fight! Thankfully, I’m in a writing program so at a minimum I’m writing for what’s due for the week. But I have to be more intentional in writing daily. It’s a struggle

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